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Tyre pressure warning light on and you don't know why? We now have the equipment to diagnose and repair or replace broken sensors at a fraction of main dealer prices.

Why do we have TPMS?

The EU introduced laws concerning TPMS in 2012, with the aim of increasing road safety on our roads, as well as to help combat global warming and lower CO2 emissions.

It is thought that only 4% of people drive with all four tyres properly inflated - however figures from the EU show that under-inflated tyres are a contributory factor in 9% of all fatal road accidents and 41% per cent of road accidents resulting in serious injuries.        

As of 1st January 2015, an inoperative or faulty TPMS sensor can cause an immediate MOT failure. EU legislation means that any car manufactured from 2012 onwards will automatically fail an MOT test, if the TPMS warning light is displayed on the dashboard.   

If your TPMS sensor does develop a fault, under no circumstances should this be removed and replaced with a ‘standard’ non-TPMS type valve. Removing the sensor will not only reduce your safety on the road, it will also result in your car failing its MOT.



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